Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home Security Entrance Gates

The most common home security device is a home security system. They work great because they send an alert  that a break in has occurred and notify the police. There are also more basic things a homeowner can do to protect their house like install deadbolt locks. One way homeowners can make their home safer is to install a gate at the entrance of their driveway. A security gate is a good way to keep people off your property and is a visual deterrent for burglars. They are especially useful if you have a long driveway or if you already have a fence or wall round your home or property.

A security gate will keep people from entering your property while a private property sign will only act as a visual deterrent. A security gate is not cheap so you should decide whether your home has a real need for one. There are different type of gates you can buy. A simple automated gate has a wireless remote you use to open it before you enter though the gate. A more sophisticated gate has a key pad on the side of the gate so that only family and friends that know the code can enter. Security gates are usually made of metal or wood. A security camera at the gate is a good way to add extra security.


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