Sunday, February 12, 2012

Securing Doors and Locks

One important thing you want to do when securing your home is to make it difficult to break into. Most of the time a burglar will not attempt to break into a house if it requires to much effort or skill for them to get in. You want to make sure doors and locks are burglar proof. Most burglars attempt to break into a house through a door or garage door. A garage door is usually the weakest entry point so it should be replaced if it is not secure and can be easily broken in though.

 Doors should have strong, good quality locks. A deadbolt lock is one of the best locks to use. Make sure to have a strong door and frame also or a good lock will not prevent the door from being broken down. A metal door and frame will prevent this from happening. It is also better to not have a door that has a big window, because it could easily be broken. A door with a small window at the top is fine. These steps should help deter burglars from trying to break into your house.


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